April Eileen by Aaron Clay

April Eileen by Aaron Clay

Hi! My name is April Eileen and I'd like to tell you a bit about Life and Lovely Things, LLC. Several years ago, I found myself stuck. I was doing all sorts of "normal things" - working on my career, doing date nights with my husband, caring for my tiny beans, and certainly pinning things to Pinterest boards – yet somehow I wasn't alive. I was consumed by busy boredom, troubled by the seeming lifelessness of life, and I deeply wanted more. Where were the moments of peak experience? Was I laughing – not “LOL-ing,” but really laughing – with family and friends enough? When was the last time I was struck by true beauty? I didn't know. What I did know was that many other women were like me, looking the part, pretty as it was, but craving more color in every day. I also knew I could do something to support myself, and those other women, trying to style their lives in a more fulfilling and authentic way

Cue Life and Lovely Things - a source of inspiration, enrichment, connection, and development for women. We “show and tell,” through real experiences and ideas centered around positive and proactive themes, what lovely living is all about. We support women so they can go back to their lives and craft a more beautiful experience for themselves and those around them. Imagine scavenger hunts, live art shows, and random acts of kindness, along with curated lists, tips and tools, and insider surprises. These are some of the lovely things offered. 

Women have an unparalleled capacity to live, when our souls are cared for. We have a special ability to enhance life and improve the human condition – helping our families, communities, and organizations to be better. So let's get inspired because inspired women do inspired things and create an inspired world.

Love in all things,

April Eileen