Life and Lovely Things is guided by 5 key values in all we do.

Values Wordcloud by April Eileen

1. We Do It Beautifully: Beauty pleases the senses, fills people with wonder and ignites emotion. We weave together imagery, logo, typography, music, atmosphere, color, design, language and voice to create work that is aesthetically stunning, sensually pleasing, and meticulously executed. We seek inspiration from the beauty all around us and from the beautiful environments in which we work. We are artists designing and executing the ultimate experience. 

2. Wellness is Life: Wellness is critical to our ability to do our work thus we ensure we are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually well. We also enjoy having the flexibility to rest, reflect and center often whether it be by pursuing activities of interest, engaging with loved ones, or taking time for ourselves. We return with creative ideas, new approaches, balance, and energy.

3. We Express Ourselves: We believe we are responsible for all the good that can come from the full expression of our talents, abilities, gifts and interests. Achievement, to us, is realizing that good. Thus, our goals are worthy and our output is impeccable. We are authentic and committed to our mission of creating an inspired world through inspired women. We are energized by our work and it reflects our passion and capability. 

4. Understanding Makes Our Work Meaningful: We discover the insights that allow us to connect with, inspire and empower the women we serve. We are world explorers and students of the soul. We study and find patterns, connect concepts, and make creative applications. A deep understanding of people, life and the world is critical and it’s what makes our work meaningful. 

5. Connection is Key: We value relationships. We honor each encounter we have with the women we serve. We work collaboratively, not in competition, with our colleagues and partners, and always with an eye toward community. We recognize our relationship with the universe, so we are smart with our resources, including money, time and the reserves of our planet.